2017 Summer Learning and Development Calendar

For GSU employees, you can register for classes online. If you are not a GSU or USG employee, view the instructions below the calendar.

For more information about these courses, contact Douglas A. Samuels, manager, Organizational Development & Consulting Services at 404-413-2566 or at dsamuels@gsu.edu.

View the Learning and Development Calendar 

For Non-USG/GSU employees

Please follow the steps below to register for any of our courses. Payment (if required) information is provided.

1. You must first register as a guest in our Training & Development Registration System (TDRS) or on the Guest Registration link below. Complete the fields as requested, using your business email address, and then click the Submit Registration radio button.

2. You will then be taken to the login page. Log in using the email address and password with which you just registered for the TDRS.

3. If you know the date of the course you wish to take, click on the date in the calendar. The courses scheduled for that day will appear below the calendar.

4. If you don’t know the date, enter in the Search field one of the words from the course title and click SEARCH. All courses with that keyword will appear below the search block.

5. Find the course for which you wish to register and click the green circle to the right of the course information.

6. If there is no registration fee for the course, you are now registered for the course.

7. If there is a registration fee for the course, please select “Check” when asked for payment method. You must make payment at least one week prior to class by mailing it to us at:

Georgia State University
HR Administration – Attn: Doug Samuels, ODCS
1 Park Place, Suite 928
Atlanta, GA 30302
If you do not make payment at that time, your registration will be canceled.

8. For future course registrations, you need only access the Guest Login or on the Guest Login link below. Log in using the email address and password with which you initially registered in the TDRS. You may wish to record and save your password for future use.

Guest Registration:
Use our registration system to apply.

Guest Login (to re-access the system at a later time after registration):
If you need to access the system after you’ve registered, follow this link.

If we can be of further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 404-413-3352 or email trainingyou@gsu.edu.