College of Education and Human Development Staff Innovation Award 2016

This $250 cash award is given to a CEHD staff member who generated novel and valuable ideas and used these to develop new or improved processes, methods, systems, products or services. The award recognizes creative ideas that improved any area of the college and made the CEHD a better place to work.

Criteria for Selection

CEHD staff members may submit the nomination form (listed below) to nominate a CEHD staff member for the Staff Innovation Award. Nominators may nominate more then one person for the Staff Innovation Award. Nominators must submit a form for each nominee, but only ONE nominee per form. Nominators must provide responses for the bulleted items below. While we will ask for your contact information on the form, it will only be for internal use. Nominees will not know who nominated them without the nominators’ permission.

Nominators should complete the online form below addressing the following:

  • Worked to improve any area of the CEHD’s operations (i.e. physical changes, staff morale, the handling of daily situations or operations).
  • Identified creative solutions, large or small in scope that made a significant and positive difference and contributed to the CEHD. Detail specific examples of solutions.
  • Took initiative on a problem or need that improved or enhanced services, and improved the quality of products or services.
  • Showed initiative by doing more than was required or expected in the job. Detail specifics of initiative.

All questions on the form should be completed before the form is submitted. 

All nominations are due November 11, 2016.

Once award nominations are closed the information provided by the nominators will be shared with CEHD staff on the 2016 Staff Awards page. CEHD staff should review all nominations prior to voting. The 2016 Staff Awards voting page will be available and sent to CEHD staff on November 16, 2016.

All CEHD staff are eligible to vote for the nominees from November 16-28, 2016.

The online voting form will close on November 28, 2016 at 5:00 p.m.

Please direct all questions about the process to

Staff Innovation Award Form