Staff Customer Focus Award Nominees

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This year, we’ve only had one entry for the Staff Innovation award so there will be no voting for that.

Staff Customer Focus Award Nominees

La'Toya AlexIn Summary:

I wish I could nominate the entire Center.  I am a community member and colleague of the Suttles staff.  As a first time mom, it wasn't easy leaving my little one under someone's care.

My husband and I adore La'Toya and look for La'Toya every day.

I am grateful they are delighted to see me when I pop in during the day. Even if La'Toya has four kids in her lap, she always asks, "How's my day," and she always tells me a special moment they shared together.

I appreciate that La'Toya takes the times to listen to my concerns and provides recommendations as needed. It's also great that she helps pack my go bag. Without the talented staff and development center on campus, I wouldn't have been able to return with the confidence of balancing my new life as mom and CEHD staff.

Darius WestmorelandIn Summary:

Darius Westmoreland is a pre-school teacher in the Child Development Center. Affectionately known as "Mr. D," Darius always has a smile on his face. He smiles even when being tackled by fifteen, three to four year-olds!

Darius not only teaches pre-school here at GSU, but is a calming voice when dealing with upset kids. He provides parents with a host of ideas on what they can do to work on with their children and is generally willing to try ideas brought to him by parents.

In addition to teaching, I see Darius delivering errands around campus on behalf of the Child Development Center, even in the rain, and I have yet to see that smile disappear.

The positive attitude Mr. D brings to the job is one of the reasons I love working for the College.