New Library Service – BrowZine

The library has licensed BrowZine for FY15.  This service allows you to browse academic journals in a “newsstand” fashion on mobile devices – Android tablets, iPads and iPhones (Android phone capability is coming soon).  This service integrates the library’s current and recent journal holdings from a variety of platforms and publishers into one point of access specifically designed for browsing/reading full issues.  You can create your personalized bookshelf, read and download articles, and interact with third party devices such as Zotero and Dropbox.

The library has created a Research Guide that introduces BrowZine and explains how to install the app.  A couple things to know:

  • BrowZine does not provide access to our comprehensive holdings, but most of our directly subscribed scholarly journals are included.  Newspapers, trade journals and popular journals are not included, and some scholarly publishers don’t provide the metadata required for participation.
  • Browsing capability goes back to 2005, pending GSU access to the title.  If our subscription is subject to an embargo, that will be the case with BrowZine as well.

I hope you will find this service useful.  Feedback (positive or negative) is always welcome.