Faculty Activity and Accolades Form

Faculty Activity

  • Please fill in this form to help us generate news stories, website blurbs, update announcement content, etc., for our websites, COE magazines and other publications.

    Please submit photograph(s), if possible. If you’ve taken photos with your mobile phone, email the original size. Send photos to hmeister@gsu.edu.

    Fill out the sections that are applicable to you. Feel free to return to this form as often as you can to send new information.
  • Identifying Information

  • If You Are Attending a Conference (Event)

  • (Presenting a paper (title?), moderating a panel (title?), etc.)
  • Brief explanation of the benefits or bulleted list.
  • What is your topic about? Give us a summary (in layman's terms).
  • Is there something going on in the news that your topic is in relation to or relevant for?
  • Please add any other comments or notes here.
  • If You Have Had Something Published (book, article, etc.)

  • If You Have Received a Grant

  • If You Have Received an Award

  • What Are Your Students Doing?

  • We may need to reach the student for information and/or for photos.
  • Other Activities

  • Please provide information about any other activities you may be involved with such as study abroad excursions, research trips, special visits, etc.