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Staff Council Newsletter

Posted On August 24, 2017

Fill out our form if you’d like to be included in our CEHD Staff Council newsletter. We want to celebrate your accomplishments, your birthday, your pet or just bask in the amazingness that is you. We want to get to know our fellow CEHD’ers!

Staff Feedback

Posted On May 20, 2016

Please feel free to tell us about things going on in your department, area or in the College that you feel needs attention. You can leave suggestions, ideas, complaints or anything else. This form goes to the Staff Council and will be taken into consideration.

While this form is entirely anonymous, you have the option… more »

Bylaws of the College of Education & Human Development Staff

Posted On October 1, 2015


SECTION I: DEFINITION The staff is the body of employees in the College of Education and Human Development whose aim is to cooperate and participate with students and faculty in developing, implementing, and furthering the objectives and strategic plan of the College and University.

SECTION II: MEMBERSHIP The staff consists of… more »